We Are on a Mission to Unlock a Sustainable Future

At Sensia, our mission goes beyond data and technology. We exist to help create a world where sustainability isn't a choice but a way of life. We empower businesses to produce fewer, but better, products, reducing waste, and minimizing carbon footprints. By providing accessible AI and technology resources through our self-service, affordable SAAS solution, we aim to level the playing field, enabling equal access for all.

Our ethical commitment is rooted in the belief that every company, regardless of its size or resources, should have the means to innovate, enhance its products and services, and find new customers. Through our innovative approach, we're democratizing market research, making it a fundamental part of business growth.


Our vision

We envision a world where every company will utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) to perform market research. Our AI will play a pivotal role in radically transforming the way companies approach marketing. It will break down barriers, allowing businesses that have never conducted market research to develop competitive offerings, refine their products and services, and discover new customers.

Above all, our vision is to make marketing research accessible to everyone. We simplify data analysis, lower costs, and democratize market studies, enabling businesses of all sizes to harness the power of data and innovate in ways previously unimaginable. Sensia doesn't just analyze data; it transforms businesses, fostering a future where sustainable, innovative, and data-driven practices are the norm.

Sensia at a glance

+1 000

products analyzed

+1 M

reviews indexed, cleaned and processed

+50 M

product attributes scored


Product analyzed


reviews indexed, cleaned and processed

+50 M 

product attributes scored 

Our Founders

Ellipse 931

Antoine Poupel


Antoine is a French entrepreneur and founder of Corellis, a growth and innovation strategy consulting firm specializing in design as well as engineering and information technology services (30 consultants based in Marseille).

Antoine has been supporting large groups for more than 15 years in digital transformation programs and the co-construction of connected products and services (Pernod Ricard, Airbus, Michelin, CMA CGM, EY, Renault…)

At Sensia, he’s in charge of the product vision. He designs the product concepts, the user experience. 

He also leads the technology and he’s directly involved in Artificial Intelligence research and development.

Ellipse 932

Patrice Raby


Partner and CTO of Corellis, Patrice is a recognized IT expert with more than 20 years of experience in the tech industry.

Over the years, he has led numerous teams of engineers on IT projects for clients of all sizes - large groups, VSEs-SMEs, and startups - in various industries.

At Sensia, he's in charge of the technical operations and development activities as a team leader.