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Revolutionary Product and Retail Insights for Agile Marketers, at Unmatched Speed and Efficiency.


Sensia empowers marketers with precise, AI-driven insights, both for Product Performance and Retail Intelligence.

Our platform specializes in analyzing a vast array of data sources, from web URLs to videos and diverse file formats, to deliver detailed product and shop insights. Experience the speed and efficiency of Sensia in providing actionable insights, redefining the way brands understand their market and customers.

Simplifying Complex Marketing Tasks

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Product Performance

  • Product Analysis and Optimization: Sensia decodes product performance, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and improvement opportunities. 

  • Competitive Landscape Analysis: Analyze your products in detail and against competitors for a more effective content and SEO/SEA strategy.

  • Dynamic Content Strategy: Utilize Sensia insights to optimize your product pages (PDP, PLP), enhancing their visibility and attractiveness.

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Competitive Benchmarking

  • Multi-Source Comparative Analysis: Perform separate or combined comparative analyses for products or stores within the same brand or against competitors. 

  • Market Dynamics Understanding: Gain insight into market trends and consumer sentiment, enabling adaptable, informed strategies

  • Strategic Agility: Utilize Sensia's constantly updated data to remain agile in responding to market shifts, whether for products or retail spaces.

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Marketing Activation


  • Strategy Development: Utilize Sensia's deep market and consumer insights for effective strategy formulation. 

  • Operational and Strategic Actions: Convert insights into practical steps for improved product appeal and retail execution. 

  • Data-Powered Decisions: Ensure success with informed decisions based on real-time data for products and stores.

We Have Specialized our AI for Each of the Industries we Serve

Discover how our insights can transform your brand's performance and market intelligence. 

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