Revolutionizing Marketing and Creativity with AI: The Perfect Sneakers Study

Discover how Sensia's innovative AI-driven approach, in collaboration with Prose On Pixels and Havas, revolutionizes marketing and creative processes. Learn about the groundbreaking "Perfect Sneakers" study, leveraging Contextual Retrieval and Generation (CRG) technique to transform consumer insights into actionable strategies.

In the fast-paced world of marketing and creativity, staying ahead requires innovative approaches and cutting-edge technology. At Sensia, we are proud to introduce an exemplary demonstration of our capabilities with the groundbreaking study, "The Perfect Sneakers," presented at Cannes Lions 2024.

This project not only showcases our advanced AI-driven insights but also illustrates the transformative potential of our Contextual Retrieval and Generation (CRG) technique.

Download the full study here.

The Perfect Sneakers Study

The "Perfect Sneakers" study is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence. Leveraging our CRG technology, we analyzed over 160,000 consumer reviews across 95 lifestyle sneaker models. This comprehensive analysis enabled us to identify key trends, preferences, and unmet needs in the sneaker market. The result is a set of actionable insights that have been used to design the ultimate pair of sneakers, capturing the essence of what consumers truly desire.

Sensia's Value Proposition for Marketing and Creative Activities

Transformative Insights for Marketing: Sensia’s AI-driven insights offer a new dimension of understanding consumer behavior. By analyzing vast amounts of unstructured data from various online sources, we provide marketers with precise and actionable insights that drive more effective campaigns and strategies.

Enhancing Creative Processes: Our CRG technology not only informs marketing strategies but also fuels creativity. By generating highly relevant contexts and prompts, Sensia enables creative professionals to develop content that is both innovative and contextually aligned with consumer expectations. This seamless integration of AI into the creative workflow results in more cohesive and impactful campaigns.

Contextual Retrieval and Generation (CRG)

Sensia’s CRG is an evolution of Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) and Contextualized Prompt Generation (CPG). Developed by our team of Data Scientists and AI Engineers, CRG utilizes advanced models like BERT to retrieve highly specific and relevant contexts from vast datasets across the internet.

This is particularly beneficial for applications such as consumer review analysis, where data can be scattered across numerous platforms. Although CRG is a technique developed by Sensia, it has the potential to become a new industry standard.

How CRG Works:

  1. Data Retrieval: CRG retrieves pertinent information from diverse online sources.
  2. Contextual Analysis: The retrieved data is analyzed to generate a comprehensive context.
  3. Prompt Generation: Based on the user’s specific needs, CRG generates tailored prompts.
  4. Content Creation: These prompts guide the generation of new, contextually accurate content.

Sensia Shapes the Context for All Marketing and Creative Activities

Sensia guarantees the best expected results for the teams working for brands to innovate, create, and connect with their audience in meaningful ways using AI. Our platform transforms raw data into strategic assets, empowering brands to stay ahead in a constantly evolving market.

Sensia has the ability to generate product innovation concepts, which typically serve as a starting point for marketing teams to develop their innovations. However, for the "The Perfect Sneakers" project, the POP teams used the image generated by Sensia directly as their working base.

Sneaker Concept generate by Sensia

Collaboration with Prose On Pixels (POP)

The success of the "Perfect Sneakers" study is also attributed to our collaboration with Prose On Pixels (POP), the AI creative studio of BETC FullSix / Havas. Together, we achieved remarkable results in just three weeks—one week for the Sensia study and two weeks for POP’s content production. This partnership exemplifies the seamless integration of AI in creative workflows.

Workflow of Production:

  1. Product Design: Human product redesign and 3D modeling.
  2. Product Anthem: AI-generated lyrics combining the French national anthem and product descriptions.
  3. Teaser: AI-generated stop-motion video teaser.
  4. Reveal Video: AI + human motion design collaboration.
  5. Prototype: 3D printed and hand-painted by a sneaker artist.

This workflow highlights how various generative solutions (image, text, music) are utilized to produce all the necessary assets, enabling creative professionals to focus on delivering high-quality, innovative content.

Future of Creativity

The Cannes Lions 2024 marked a significant milestone in the world of creativity as Jacques Séguéla received the prestigious Lion of Saint Mark, the Lifetime Achievement Award. This recognition came at a time when the debate on the role of artificial intelligence in creativity was more relevant than ever.

While everyone agreed that artificial intelligence won't replace creatives, the big question everyone asked was whether AI can help generate new ideas. We believe the answer is yes.

As Yannick Bolloré, Chairman and CEO of Havas Group, said, "We can be better with AI, but we must be better than AI."

Sensia is opening a new era for creativity. With Sensia, context is king, and it’s the key to ensuring that every new idea has a profound coherence with creative intentions. 

Here is a photo with Jacques Séguéla, celebrating this milestone moment and our shared vision for the future of creativity.

havascafe_3611 (c) stephane sby balmy

Press Review

Our innovative study has garnered significant media attention. Here are some highlights:

  1. Stratégies: Stratégies explores how AI has aided in designing the perfect pair of sneakers, focusing on the innovative use of AI technologies to align product design with consumer desires.

  2. BFM TV: BFM TV focused on how AI was used to analyze the preferences of French consumers to design the perfect sneaker, emphasizing the groundbreaking nature of this approach.

  3. J'aime les Startups: This article highlights the collaboration between Havas Startup Accelerator and Sensia, detailing the consumer insights and the innovative approach taken to create the study.

  4. Media24: Media24 delves into how the AI-driven study revealed what sneaker fans truly want, showcasing the effectiveness of AI in understanding consumer preferences.

  5. Aufeminin: Aufeminin discusses the study's findings on the most comfortable and trendy sneakers according to consumer reviews, emphasizing the appeal to fashion-conscious readers.

  6. Grazia: Grazia highlights the results of our study by emphasizing the performance of Nike sneakers, deemed the most comfortable according to our in-depth analysis of consumer reviews.

  7. Le Parisien: Le Parisien emphasizes the data processing capabilities of Artificial Intelligence to dissect customer reviews, which have become a goldmine for brand marketing.

These reviews underscore the impact and significance of our work in advancing the fields of marketing and creativity.


The "Perfect Sneakers" study is a clear demonstration of Sensia's capabilities in revolutionizing marketing and creative processes. By leveraging our advanced CRG technology and collaborating with industry leaders like Prose On Pixels, we are paving the way for a new era of AI-driven innovation. Download the full study here and discover how Sensia can transform your marketing and creative strategies.

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